How to make clap control led brightness controller

Project Name:

Clap control led Brightness Controller…



Controlling of led lights using regular switch is older today. So in this project we will see you, How we can make a clap control Led Brightness controller .

By using this circuit we can control the brightness of any led light.

The circuit can be modify according to our need also we can control any DC fan speed by using this project.



As the project named “clap control” so there must be a part of sound. So the heart of this project is the “Mic

Condensor” . As we know microphone receive the sound & turn it into an electrical signal. So when we input a sound, the mic condensor will produce an electrical signal,which will trigger the 4017 decade counter IC.

In 4017 decade counter we will use 4  outputs.So at first signal the led will on at full brightness. On 2nd signal the brightness will decrease one step. On 3rd input the brightness will be minimum & on 4th signal the led will be off & the process will continue.

Now if anyone wants to upgrade this into 6 steps or even 8 steps then we just modify this circuit.

Now come to the led part, we have to use a power transistor to drive our led, because the 4017 ic will not be able to deliver such amount of current to the led.


Watch the video:


Components Required:


1. 4017IC......https://goo.gl/8f39oa

2. Mic Condensor…….https://goo.gl/nq33nv

3. 0.01uf capacitor*2……https://goo.gl/TmLKMu

4. Bc 547 transistor…..https://goo.gl/NiH9iz

5. bd 139 transistor…….https://goo.gl/JYCy6D

6. 10k ressistor*4………https://goo.gl/PdeJfh

7. 1mega ohms resistor……https://goo.gl/Uo1Dtx

8. 1k resistor……https://goo.gl/nLjEC2

9. 100k resistor……https://goo.gl/ZbEqqk

10. 470k resistor……https://goo.gl/RKQmvT

11. 12v led ……https://goo.gl/KGvbQn…….(This is not 12v led use a 680 ohms resistor with it)

12. Pcb………https://goo.gl/Bp8baL

13. 12v Power supply……use any 12v power supply


Circuit Diagram:



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